Revered E. D. Mondainé, Pastor of Celebration Tabernacle, has stepped into the role of President of the Portland chapter of the NAACP.

Mondainé, a native of St. Louis, MO,
brings with him 30 years of pastoral experience. Mondainé is also a Portland restauranteur as he is the proprietor of Po’Shines Café De La Soul, located in Portland's historic Kenton district.

Mondainé has served Portland in many ways, including feeding the community’s indigent and homeless, with its biggest effort being the 24-year-old tradition of a Thanksgiving community feed that hosts several hundred people each year. Mondainé firmly believes that, “If the Church is not found reaching out to the community where it is situated, then there is no reason for that church to exist.”

As a musician, Mondainé has lead his congregation as first responders to national tragedy, bringing music and a message of hope to those effected. Their first response was to the Amish community in Bart Township in 2006, where a shooter killed five girls and wounded five others. This was followed by leading the town of Price, Utah in October 2006 in a public memorial service, where six miners were forever entombed deep in the belly of Crandall Canyon Mine. He was also a first responder in June of 2015, to the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, after a mass shooting at the church left nine people dead. As of late Mondainé has been assigned to the role of Theomusicologist for the Poor Peoples Campaign in Oregon.

Mondainé’s vision for the Portland NAACP local chapter is broad. His first challenge will be to strengthen the relations of Portland's African American clergy, to garner support of issues that affect Portland's Black communities. His vision also includes building the branch membership, increasing the focus on our elders and youth, establishing relationships with all players in the field of civil rights enforcement, including the Oregon State Bar, and tackling the incarceration disparity that exist for people of color. Another chief definite aim for Mondainé, is to continue the organization’s work on voter registration, education and participation. In addition, the organization will not neglect the disparity of affordable housing that exists in the city. “The organization may not be able to do everything, but what can be done will be done well. Our leadership team is strong,” says Mondainé, “We will continue to implement the strategic plans that we’ve established over the past few years to ensure the movement of this chapter to the next level.”