Suddenly, an answer came to Mondaine, and he decided to start a national campaign to unite churches across denominational lines to take a stand against school violence.

From Thursday to Saturday, he plans to bring 50 to 100 members of his congregations to Lancaster, where they’ll be joined by representatives of religious organizations from around the country.

At noon Thursday, a group of church leaders will gather for a lunch at the Leola Restaurant. At 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday, rehearsals will be held for a 1,000 Angels Choir at the Lancaster Church of the Nazarene, 2150 New Holland Pike.

The 1,000 Angels Gathering will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday at Bright Side Baptist Church, 515 Hershey Ave. “The campaign will unite church leaders who want to take responsibility for our children and take a stand against violence in schools,” said Mondaine’s associate, Don Elliot.

“This campaign was put together only two weeks ago, and already we’ve heard from almost 200 churches across the country,” Elliot said. “We’re hoping to come together and figure out a way to educate our people and look at the mental-health and violence issues in our communities.”

After church and community leaders meet, participants will convene by candlelight near the village of Nickel Mines, singing hymns and praising God.

But Elliot stresses that the group will not in any way disturb the residents of the Bart Township community. Mondaine said the group’s attire and conduct will be within the codes adhered to by the Amish people.

“We visited Lancaster last week to get a better view of the area,” he said. “We met with some churches in Lancaster and began speaking with an Amish spokesperson, Herman Bontrager.”

Lancaster New Era Staff